Never before has the health of your employees and overall healthcare cost been as important to you as right now.


As a Direct Primary Care practice, we can offer superior Primary Care to your employees at a low, fixed, monthly fee per-employee.

What do we offer?

  •  30-60 minute office visits
  • URGENT visits available, same-day or next-day
  • Telehealth appointments available and included without additional charge
  • DIRECT communication with providers via text, email or phone
  • Partnership with your employees to improve and sustain health
  • Annual Flu shot FREE
  • Annual biometric labs including blood glucose and cholesterol FREE
  • Discounts on local gym membership and supplements online
  • Wholesale-priced medications dispensed from our office (*NEW 2021) 
  • *There are no additional copays, deductibles, or surprise hidden charges



  • $50/month per employee
  • $75 registration fee (this is waived with registration of 5 or more employees)

We also offer membership to employee family members and blood draws done in office at 90% discount vs. competitors.


Top 5 Reasons Companies Benefit from Direct Primary Care (DPC):


1.) DPC Care Saves Money

DPC offers increased patient access, extended time with the provider and help with navigation of the healthcare system- all for an affordable, flat monthly fee. DPC isn't prone to large annual premium increases, unlike the traditional healthcare system.  Studies show that employer healthcare savings, as a percentage, can be in the double digits! **


2.) DPC Reduces Absenteeism and Offers Convenience

 DPC provides employees a high level of accessibility to their provider.  It offers same-day or next day convenient appointments and longer visit times.  Plus, flexible communication can be offered with Telehealth Visits or communication through email, telephone, and text.    This means employees miss less time at work when needing to consult with their provider.  


3.) Better Healthcare Improves Productivity

Improved access and longer visits strengthen that crucial primary care bond.  Additionally, with no copays or deductibles, employees are motivated to see their provider when needed.  Treating conditions early helps to prevent a smoldering ember from becoming a fire.  Working with patients on prevention, ongoing management of chronic conditions and addressing acute health issues as they arise helps to keep employees functioning optimally. 


4.) DPC Offers a Recruiting and Retention Advantage

The lower cost of the DPC model of healthcare allows companies to increase their benefits package and allows smaller companies to offer healthcare benefits where they couldn't otherwise.  Employees appreciate the high level of service of DPC care and experience a deeper, more productive relationship with their provider.   These are happy employees!


5.) Offering DPC is a Practical Way to Promote Your Company's Health-Oriented Culture and Commitment to Employees

DPC is HealthCARE and not just used for "sick care" alone.  DPC is proactive, convenient and allows your employees to access their provider wherever they work, play or travel.  Offering DPC is a substantive way to show your company's commitment to optimal health.  


** Direct Care: A Solution for Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage


  Nexterra Health + Digital Globe Study 


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