What makes us the best?


It's the level of attention and care we offer to you and your family.  We practice the way we would want our families to be cared for. We know that we are working for you and we are passionate about what we do.  YOU and your FAMILY are like our family. 

We also make sure that you have direct access to your provider by phone, email, or text.  Our goal is to make care easy for you! You won't ever have to wait an hour in the waiting room.  In fact, most people are met at the door by their provider. NO wait.  


Do you need to change doctor's offices? Have you had a bad experience?  Has your previous provider retired or left the area?  


Change is hard!   

Siobhan Benham, APRN and Carrie Klonel, D.O. together have nearly 30 years of primary care experience right here in the Monadnock region.  We are here to stay.  


Check out what our patients have said about Hearthside Family Health:


 "I love how easy it is to communicate with Dr. Klonel.  She was very personable and didn't seemed rushed like you see at other doctors' offices.  I'm very happy I found this office!"


"As a small business owner, I am always trying to cut costs especially in health care.  We made the switch and it was the best thing for my whole family.  We now have a relationship with our healthcare provider (Siobhan) and we are in great hands. Everything has been so easy: from making an appointment to getting a refill on meds.  What used to take days or weeks now is done in hours."


"Finally:  a Primary Care Practice where the health care professionals are not shackled by the normal 15-minute-encounter-time-limit model which has been imposed upon doctors by America's insurance corporations.  Dr. Klonel performs a thorough, thoughtful physical exam, and she also strives to actually KNOW who her patients are."


"I am so happy this healthcare option is available! This is what I want my healthcare to be like: knowledgeable, caring and personal."


"Two of the best healthcare professionals formed Hearthside to provide much better quality service and care for a better price. Everything they are doing is improving healthcare in the Monadnock region. Everything the other providers are not, they are....smart, pragmatic, caring, efficient and personable. For me, everything that has been lacking elsewhere. Special thanks to Siobhan."


Call us to find out more or to schedule a meet-and-greet: (603) 312-1600


We love meeting new people!







Siobhan Benham A.P.R.N.




Siobhan and Carrie
Siobhan and Carrie







Carrie Klonel, D.O. 




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